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Pure sunlight. Think about that idea. The apocalypse will come, believe me. And it will be the forces of nature, twisted by man’s greed, that will lay waste, to mankind, and all that he believes in, and holds dear. His car, his lawn-mower, in-home entertainment system, and his ideas of salvation, and his stories of creation, will all be gone. You may think I’m crazy, yes you may. ‘Hey, some crazy preacher guy from LA thinks God’s a pile of fruit’. I eat my God, and yes, it tastes good. Do you really think the machine wants our spirit channels clean? NO. THEY WANNA SING. PATHETIC, and needy. That’s the sad truth. *sigh* We have pamphlets, T-shirts, and by now you have all been given the holiest of icons. Don’t thank me, thank the sun! That’s S-U-N. *sigh* They’re closing in. Each day myself, my lady and my child, try to stay one step ahead. Let me leave you with this thought… when man got up off of all fours, and first picked fruit from a tree, he was not ashamed, HELL NO, HE WAS ENLIGHTENED.
Anthony Kiedis (via theskeletalminion)
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